Wisconsin LICA Exclusive 1st Year Contractor Benefits

For more information, contact Diane Curtis at 608-242-0024.

Clean Fire New Member Discount

Trimble Coupon

Clean Fire Distributing is offering you a $50/case discount on Clean Fire Diesel fuel additive to help lower your fuel and maintenance costs. Offer ends December 31, 2018.

Every NEW Contractor Member receives a coupon from Trimble for a 5% discount! (Valid only for first year of membership.) Signed-up a Contractor Member? Get a 5% discount coupon for being a sponsor! (Valid for the same dates as your sponsored member.)

Wisconsin LICA Contractor Benefit Package

A LICA membership entitles contractors to many benefits with a competitive edge.

For more information, contact Diane Curtis at 608-242-0024.

Business Insurance

Contractor Safety Program

Residential Septic Service Plan


Petrocon Buying Group

LICA Safety Portal

Medical Transport Coverage

Case Discount Program

Caterpillar Protection Program

Mack Trucks


CAT® Replacement Parts Program

Financial Planning

Sandhill Publishing


Employee Payroll Programs

Sunbelt Rental Discount

Legal Shield


Identity Theft Program

Healthy Lifestyles Insurance

Bridgewell Health


Scholarship Program

LICA Contractor Magazine